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Charges are levied on items returned late.

The charges become effective upon issue of the reminder, not upon receipt of the reminder by the user.

Failure to return items will accumulate the following charges per each single borrowed item:

1st reminder
2nd reminder
2nd reminder     
3.00 €
plus 3.00 €
plus 6.00 €

The intervals between reminders are 14 calendar days.

Loans, reservations or renewals will not be permitted if charges exceed 12.00 .

Please check your account via the Frankfurter Suchportal for an overview of your charges:
Your account / Ihr Konto > charges / Gebühren.

Pay charges

Charges can be paid at every loan desk or at the EC-Terminal of the Humanities Library (Campus Westend, BZG, Q 6, 3rd floor)

Campus Bockenheim

Central Library

Informatikbibliothek / Computer sciences

Mathematikbibliothek / Mathematics

Campus Westend

Law and Economics Library

Library for Social Sciences and Psychology

Humanities Library

EC-Terminal (Humanities Library)

Campus Riedberg

Library for Natural Sciences

Campus Niederrad

Medical Library

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