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Is there any progress in alternative publishing? Problems of scholarly information economy

5th Frankfurt Scientific Symposium: 22.10.2005 - 23.10.2005


Dr. Rafael Ball, Leiter der Zentralbibliothek Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich, Germany

Simon Beale, Vice President International Sales, Marketing and Business Development, ProQuest Information and Learning, International Division

BealeSimon came to ProQuest Information and Learning in June of 2002. He is responsible for managing ProQuest Information and Learning revenues within the operating plan for global markets, excluding the US and Canada. Prior to this, he was Executive Director of Sales at Elsevier Health Sciences, EMEA division, Director of Sales at Harcourt Publishers, Europe, Director of Sales at Prentice Hall Europe, and International Sales and Marketing Manager at Pitman / FT Publishing, Pearson. He also held various sales and marketing positions in Addison Wesley and Simon and Schuster. At ProQuest Information and Learning he is in the process of creating the highest calibre international sales and marketing management team in the industry.

Ruth Maria Bousonville, Advocate, Lovells, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Ruth Maria Bousonville specializes in contentious and non-contentious intellectual property and information technology law. She advises clients from various business sectors on copyright, data bases, trade marks, domains, sales and marketing. In these fields of law, she litigates disputes and drafts and negotiates contracts such as licence or software development agreements. Ruth Maria Bousonville is counsel for subito.Dokumente aus Bibliotheken e.V. in a multi-national copyright dispute regarding document deliveries. As such, she is familiar with the possibilities and challenges the information age has brought to the scientific community and the publishers and libraries serving it.

Adam Chesler, Assistant Director, Sales and Library Relations, American Chemical Society, Washington D.C., USA

Adam Chesler Adam Chesler is the Assistant Director for Sales and Library Relations at the American Chemical Society. He started his publishing career in 1985 at Kluwer Academic Publishers, where he served in a smiliar capacity and helped develop the company's web site and electronic publishing program. He has over 20 years experience in publishing, has spoken at numerous publisher and library conferences, and has been a guest-lecturer about publishing for post-graduate-level courses at several US universities. He is presently a member of the Executive Board of the North American Serials Interest Group.

Current literature reference:
Open Access: A Review of an Emerging Phenomen. Serials Review 2004,4

Dr. Hans Robert Cram, Hauptgesellschafter und Mitglied des Beirates von Walter de Gruyter

Current literature reference:
Verlagsmodelle für morgen. Börsenblatt. Wochenmagazin für den Deutschen Buchhandel 2005,16, 45-52

Berndt Dugall, Director University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg Frankfurt a.M., Germany

DugallB. Dugall is chief librarian of the Frankfurt University library since 1988. He started his career in 1976 after finishing a degree in chemistry and a post graduate education in library science. Intermediates were the function of a deputy librarian at the Philipps Universitity of Marburg and Librarian of the Justus Liebig University of Gießen. He is member of the library commission of the German “Wissenschaftsrat” since 1989 and belongs to the OCLC member council since 2004. In the last years he did a lot of research especially in the field of usage an price building mechanisms of electronic journals. Actually he is working on a project "Alternative price building mechanisms in the field of electronic journals" which is granted by the German Research Association.

Jean-Claude Guédon, Department of Comperative Literature, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Current literature reference:
The Green and the Gold Roads to Open Access: The Case for Mixing and Matching. Serials Review 2004, 4

Derk Haank, CEO of Springer Science + Business Media, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Derk Haank was born on 25 april 1953 in The Netherlands. He went to university in Amsterdam to study Business Economics (graduated 1978) . Then he was lecturer and head of Research Institute at Free University Amsterdam. Joined Elsevier in 1986 till 2003. Last position was chairman of Elsevier Science and member of the board of Reed Elsevier. Left in 2003 to join Springer Science and Business Media, as Chief Executive Officer which is his current position.

Current literature reference:
Hohe Qualität beibehalten, schneller wachsen als die anderen. Password 3, 2005, pp. 28 - 29

Jonas Holmström, Research Assistant, Department of Management and Organisation, Swedish School of Economics and Business Adminstration, Helsinki, Finland

Jonas Homlström Jonas Holmström is a research assistant at the Swedish school of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki, Finland. His main responsibilities relate to the OACS (Open Access Communication for Science) project. The subject of his PhD thesis is RePEc which is a community driven digital library in economics.

Current literature reference:
The Return on Investment of Electronic Journals - It Is a Matter of Time. D-Lib Magazine, April 2004, Volume 10 (4). [download fulltext - html]

The Cost per Article Reading of Open Access Articles. D-Lib Magazine, January 2004, Volume 10 (1). [download fulltext - html]

Arie Jongejan, CEO Swets Information Services, Lisse, Netherlands

Recognized for his extensive expertise in e-business Arie has joined Swets from a career lasting over 20 years at Elsevier where he held a range of senior management positions. He has been a member of the Reed Elsevier Executive Counsel since 2001. As CEO of Elsevier's Science & Technology Division, Arie was responsible for ScienceDirect and for the development and launch of Scopus. Arie Jongejan has been the chairman of Swets Information Services since March 2005.

Current literature reference:
STM Developments: War Game or WWW (Win-Win-Win) ? International Association of Publishers, Berlin 22nd June 2004 [download fulltext - pdf]

Commercial Publishers: Why they are good for research. Scientific Computing World 72, 2003, Section Research Information pp 27-30

Prof. Mark McCabe, School of Economics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Dr. McCabe received his PhD from MIT in 1991. He joined the School of Economics at Georgia Tech in 1998 after seven years with the US Justice Department's Antitrust division. Dr. McCabe's research has appeared in various economics journals, including the American Economic Review and the Rand Journal of Economics, and is frequently cited in the business and science press.

Current literature reference:
A Model of Academic Journal Quality with Applications to Open Journals. NET Institute Working Paper 04-18

Information goods and endogenous strategies: the case of academic journals. Ecomomic Bulletin 2004, 10, pp 1-11

Sally Morris, Chief Executive, Association of Learned and Professionsl Society Publishers, Clapham, England

Current literature reference:
Open Access. Learned Publishing 2003, 16, pp 171 - 176
Open Access: How Are Publishers Reacting? Serials Review 2004, pp 304 - 307

Dr. Michael Olson, Head of collections management at Clark University's Robert H. Goddard Library

Michael Olson Michael P. Olson is head of collections management at Clark University's Robert H. Goddard Library. He was the librarian for Germanic collections at Harvard University (1994-2004) and the University of California, Los Angeles (1990-1994). He has written several books and articles on Germanic studies and librarianship. His newest book, »Two Libraries, Two Peoples: Die Deutsche Bibliothek and the Berlin State Library since German Unification«, has been accepted for publication.

Jens Redmer, Strategic Partner Management Google Inc., Hamburg

Redmer 2004-2005 Endemol Deutschland GmbH: Leiter Multimedia
2002-2004 AOL Deutschland GmbH: Leiter Unternehmensbereich Premium Services
1998-2002 ricardo.de AG: Mitglied des Vorstands
1994-1998 Axel Springer Verlag AG: Regionaler Geschäftsführer, cityweb; strategische Unternehmensplanung

Dr. John Regazzi, Chairman Elsevier Foundation; Dean of the College of Information and Computer Science, Long Island University, New York

John Regazzi Dr. John Regazzi joined Elsevier in 1998 with the acquisition of Engineering Information. As President & CEO of Ei, he directed its successful integration into Elsevier and set in motion the continued growth of that business. In 1999, he was appointed President & CEO, Elsevier Inc. and Managing Director, Electronic Publishing and made substantial contributions to the development of ScienceDirect and Scirus. In his role as Managing Director, Market Development, John oversaw the creation of the ATG and UCD, the Research Office and Competitive Intelligence, the establishment of the Market Analysis group, and rollout of Elsevier branding and the new corporate website, as well as successfully leading our efforts related to Open Access. John has served on the Elsevier Board since 1999.
Dr. John Regazzi has decided 2005 to accept a position as Dean, College of Information and Computer Science (CICS) of the Long Island University (LIU) and to retire from Elsevier, effective in July. John has agreed to continue working with us as an advisor on critical projects on an ongoing basis after July and to maintain his position as Chairman of The Elsevier Foundation.
LIU is the seventh largest private university in the United States. CICS is LIU's newest college, comprised of the school of computer science and the Palmer School of Library and Information Science. The College offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs including a PhD program in information science. CICS has a faculty of 25 and approximately 1,000 students, and has 5 campuses.

Current literature reference:
The Shifting Sands of Open Access Publishing, a Publisher's View. Serials Review 2004, 30, pp 275 - 280

Dr. Alma P. Swan, Director Key Perspectives Ltd. Topsham, Devon, UK
E-Mail: aswan@keyperspectives.co.uk

Alma SwanAlma Swan obtained a degree in zoology in 1974 and a PhD in cell biology in 1978 from Southampton University. After research fellowships funded by the Cancer Research Campaign at Southampton General Hospital and St. George's Hospital Medical School (London), she took a position as Lecturer in Zoology at the University of Leicester. Her research was in medical cell biology and she taught a range of courses from vertebrate biology to the biology of cancer. In 1985, she moved into science publishing as managing editor of a Pergamon Press (later Elsevier Science) biomedical research indexing service, published both in print and online. In 1996, she jointly founded Key Perspectives, a consultancy serving the scholarly publishing industry. Though she has worked in the commercial sphere for 20 years, she retains links with academic life: for four years she was tutor and consultant for the Open University Business School's MBA programme and since 1991 has been tutor for two business strategy courses on Warwick Business School's MBA programme. She holds honorary roles as business mentor and teacher for the Institute for Entrepreneurship (part of the School of Management) at Southampton University. Alma has an MBA from Warwick Business School and is a Member of the Institute of Biology.

Current literature reference:
Alma Swan et al.: Developing a model for e-prints and open access journal content for UK higher and further education. Learned Publishing 18 (1), 2005, 25-40. [download fulltext - pdf]

Alma Swan et al.: Delivery, management and access model for E-prints and open access journals within further and higher education. Report of a JISC study 2004, pp 1-121. [download fulltext - pdf]

Alma Swan and Sheridan Brown: Authors and open access publishing. Learned Publishing, 17 (3), 2004, 219-224. [download fulltext - pdf]

Alma Swan and Sheridan Brown: Report of the JISC/OSI open access journal authors survey 2004 pp 1-76. [download fulltext - pdf]

Prof. Dr. Richard Wellen, Division of Social Science, York University, Toronto, Canada

Current literature reference:
Taking on Commercial Scholarly Journals: Reflections on the "Open Access" Movement. Journal of Academic Ethics 2004, 1, pp 101 - 118 )

David Worlock, Chairman Electronic Publishing Services Ltd., London, England

David WorlockDavid Worlock is a Cambridge History graduate. Between 1980-85 he was CEO of the pioneer development of EUROLEX, the UK´s first online service for lawyers, subsequently acquired by Reed Elsevier in 1985. In that year he founded Electronic Publishing Services Ltd., a research and consultancy company based in London and New York which worked alongside the digital content industry in developing strategies for products and markets in consumer and business sectors. In this period David served as a non-executive director of Dorling Kindersley plc and Book Data Ltd., which he co-founded.
He is an advisory board member of Ingenta ( the science/technical market informediary) and Granville Baird ( the private equity fund manager). David Worlock is also Chairman of the Digital Content Forum, which forms a two-way conduit between the representative organization for 32 UK information industry organizations in their dialogue with government on digital content issues.
In 2004 he acted as Special Advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology`s enquiry on Science Publishing.

Current literature reference:
Open Access: What does ist mean? The Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series, Fiesole 2004. [download fulltext - pdf]

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