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Biology, botany, zoology

Special collections area (12) of the DFG

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General information

The University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg, Frankfurt / Main, looks after the special subject collection Biology, Botany, and Zoology. All research relevant literature in Biology, Botany and Zoology is sourced world-wide.
The library also exchanges relevant titles via the Senckenberg Nature Research Society.

Collection profile

Subject areas are general biology, anatomy of animals and plants, biogeography, biological environmental research, soil biology, cytology, evolutionary biology, genetics, histology, hydrobiology, marine biology, microbiology (general), molecular biology, morphology, conservation, ecology, animal and plant physiology, systematic botany and systematic zoology. Also included are biochemistry and biophysics of plants and animals.

Further, our databases provide more literature which can be ordered via interlibrary loan. The library also cooperates with the document supply service subito which is not free of charge.


All biology holdings at the University Library are recorded in the general catalogue of the library. The journals are comprehensively catalogued in the online catalogue (OPAC) and Journals database (ZDB).

New acquisitions

New acquisitions lists for the special collection area Biology/Zoology/Botany are produced monthly and all titles are linked directly with the online catalogue.

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