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My Current Contents General and Comparative Literature Studies (myCCK)

myCCK is a free service of the Special Collection General and Comparative Literature Studies at Frankfurt University Library. In order to use myCCK, please register with a valid e-mail address and sign up for journals of your choice from a list containing nearly 200 literary studies journals. We will then e-mail you the current tables of contents of those journals you selected as they are entered into our database.

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Online Contents Komparatistik

myCCK is an extension to the database Online Komparatistik which accumulates the tables of contents of some 180 literary studies journals and edits them for easy retrieval. Currently, the database lists the bibliographic details of approx. 160,000 journal articles from 1993 onwards. It can be accessed worldwide without registration and is free of charge.

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We suggest you use the document delivery service Subito to order copies of articles not available at your local library unless you prefer to order on an interlibrary loan basis.

For further information on new releases of myCCK and Online Contents Linguistik or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: v.michel@ub.uni-frankfurt.de

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