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Internetquellen zu Ozeanien -
Oceania Internet Resources

If you miss any interesting Link simply send us a short notice.

Subject Gateways / Umfassende Sammlungen von Internetquellen

Pacific Internet Directoy, National Library of Australia

Te Puna Web Directory, National Library of New Zealand

Portals to the World, Pathfinder der Library of Congress, sorted by country

Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library, The Australian National University

Open Directory »Regional: Oceania«

Links to Selected Websites Related to the Pacific, University of the South Pacific, Library

Internet Resources, Pacific Studies Initiative

Links of the Pazifik-Informationsstelle Neuendettelsau

European Society for Oceanists (ESfO) - Links

L'Océanie Hyperliens

PISUKI some other sites to visit of the Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland

dmoz Open Directory Project: Oceania

Global Islands Network / Pacific - Links

Pacific Networking in Europe

Databases, Document Collections, Bibliographies and Journals / Datenbanken, Zeitschriften, Bibliographien, Dokumentsammlungen

Bibliographic Database, Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Nijmegen. The centre's searchable Bibliographic Database contains entries for selected books, book chapters, book reviews, and journal articles on Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Australia, published since 1989. There is a bias toward anthropological publications.

Hawaii Pacific Journal Index. A list of the Journals and Magazines indexed you will find here.

A selection of E-Journals presents the Elektronische Zeitschriften Datenbank (EZB). Please note, that the access to some of these E-Journals is restricted to subscribed users of the Library of the University of Frankfurt [Bitte beachten Sie, dass einige der Zeitschriften nur für angemeldete Benutzer der Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt frei zugänglich sind.]

AnthroGlobe Bibliographies, Bibliographies to Fiji, Cook Islands and other Links

Book & Publication Catalogs on South Pacific & PNG Subjects, Institute of Pacific Studies, Suva, Fiji

Documents from Melanesia, Polynesia and the Pacific, The Fourth World Documentation Project, Center For World Indigenous Studies

Digital Micronesia - An Electronic Library & Archive, maintained by Dirk Spennemann, Associate Professor in Cultural Heritage Management, Charles Sturt University, Australia.

Oceania Newsletter. Published by the Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies (CPAS), University of Nijmegen. This newsletter includes progress reports on research projects of members and affiliated members of the CPAS as well as short articles on topical issues concerning the Pacific. It also contains announcements of workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions on the Pacific, and a list of recent publications on Oceania.

Literature of the Pacific Islands

Teaching Material / Hilfsmittel, Einführungen in Forschung und Methodik

Map Collection »Historical Maps of Australia and the Pacific«, Perry-Castaņeda Library, University of Texas

The World Factbook, CIA

Ethnologue Languages of the World. An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world's 6.912 known living languages.

Pacific Island Studies. Selected list for starting research in Pacific Islands Studies / Wichtige Einführung mit Hinweisen auf Lexika, Handbücher und mit Tipps zur Literatursuche.

Internet Resources, Pacific Studies Initiative. This site seeks to make available online instructional materials for teaching about the Pacific Islands, primarily in higher education.

South Seas is an online information resource for the history of European voyaging and cross-cultural encounters in the Pacific between 1760 and 1800. It provides a multi-media, online encyclopaedic reference guide to Captain James Cook's first Pacific voyage of discovery (1768-1771); National Library of Australia

Teaching materials of OSPG, i.e. pictures, statistics, and a time chart on the history of exploration

Pacific Islands. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Information to individual countries and islands / Informationen zu einzelnen Ländern, Inseln und Inselgruppen

Bikini Atoll

Papua New Guinea FAQs

Papua New Guinea, The Dani

Guam, Chamorro

Republic of Marshall Islands

Easter Island Home Page

Solomon Islands, Vaturanga People

Cook Islands Website

South Pacific Tourism Organisation

Jane's Oceania Homepage


Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library, The Internet Guide to Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Languages of Australia, covers over 200 languages, by David Nathan

Western Desert Aborigines

AusAnthrop. Anthropological research, resources and documentation on the Aborigines of Australia

Australian Anthropological Society

AustLit. A non-profit collaboration between ten Australian Universities and the National Library of Australia providing authoritative information on hundreds of thousands of creative and critical Australian literature works relating to more than 75,000 Australian authors and literary organisations. Its coverage spans 1780 to the present day.


Maori, comprehensive data concerning art, culture, languages and history with further weblinks

Archives New Zealand : Useful Links

Directory of Archives

Maori Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Te Puni Kokiri, the Ministry of Maori Development

The Centre for Maori and Indigenous Planning and Development Lincoln University is one of eight government universities in New Zealand.

Maori Culture, Tamaki Paenga Hira, Auckland Museum. These pages will link you to the numerous Maori activities, operations, exhibitions, programmes and events that occur daily within our Whare Taonga, and also out in the community.

Maori, Waitangi Tribunal

Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. This website contains over 3,000 biographies of New Zealanders who have 'made their mark' on this country. It does not include people who are alive.

New Zealand Studies Association (NZSA)


Native Hawaii Links

Center for Hawai'ian Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Hawai'i Voyager, Libraries of the University of Hawai'i System

Digital Reference Shelf Hawai'i, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

Hawaiian Historical Society, see the Directory of Historical Records Repositories in Hawaii

ADAP Project. Agricultural Development in the American Pacific

Kipuka Database, a geographical information system providing a window into native Hawaiian land, culture and history

Papakilo Database, online repository consisting of varied collections pertaining to significant places, events, and documents in Hawai'i's history

Ulukau, the Hawaiian Electronic Library makes resources available for the use, teaching, and revitalization of the Hawaiian language

Kumukahi, a website featuring a bilingual, community-based approach to presenting Hawaiian cultural vibrancy and its connections to a rich ancestral past (videos, text pieces, and other educational materials)

Office of Hawaiian Affairs(OHA)

Research Institutes / Forschungseinrichtungen

Centre for Pacific Studies, University of St Andrews, Department of Social Anthropology

The University of the South Pacific, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

The Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance (PIAS-DG), The University of the South Pacific. Promotes research and learning in the fields of Development Studies, Governance and Pacific Studies, particularly as these relate to the pressing needs of Pacific Island countries.

Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), der Australian National University. Einschlägig sind die Bereiche "The Pacific Centre", "Division of Pacific & Asian History (PAH)" sowie das Projekt "State, Society & Governance in Melanesia". Hier sind auch das "Pacific Manuscripts Bureau (PMB)" und die "Pacific Research Archives (PRA)" angesiedelt.

Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Nijmegen

The University of Hawai'i System

Université de la Polynésie Francaise, Tahiti

Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC)

World Wide Colleges and Universities / Australia and Oceania. Directory by The Center for Global Education

The European Centre on Pacific Issues. The European Centre on Pacific Issues (ECSIEP) is the secretariat of the Europe Pacific Solidarity Network. ECSIEP serves as an information centre on developments in the Pacific and acts as an interface between Pacific civil society and European organisations and institutions.

Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO)

Pacific Islands Development Program / East-West Center

Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk / Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry

Österreichisch-Südpazifische Gesellschaft (OSPG). Institut für Ethnologie, Kultur- & Sozialanthropologie/Universität Wien

Deutsch in der Südsee, Lexikalischer Wandel unter deutsch-kolonialer Herrschaft, Projekt am Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS), Mannheim

Research Centre for Germanic Connections with New Zealand and the Pacific, The University of Auckland, with a database on "Germans in Tonga 1855-1960"

Libraries & Catalogues / Bibliotheken & Kataloge

University of Hawai'i Library, Pacific Collection. Access to online catalog (including the Pacific Collection), to its extensive Hawaii/Pacific Journal Index, and to the database that indexes the Trust Territory Archives.

Library of the University of the South Pacific

Pacific Collections, National Library ofAustralia

Libraries of Asia Pacific Directory, National Library of Australia

Pacific Islands Resources, Library of The University of Waikato

Micronesian Seminar Library. A collection of over 17,000 items.

Katalog der Bibliothek der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft and further online publications

The National Library of New Zealand (Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa)

Museums / Museen

Museum der Weltkulturen, Frankfurt, Oceania collection

Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde, München, Oceania exhibition

UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History

University of Missouri : MU Museum of Art and Archaeology

L'OCÉANIE. Musée de la civilisation, Québec, Canada. L'exposition virtuelle »Peuples des eaux, gens des îles. L'OCÉANIE« est un projet Québec-France et vise à faire connaître l'Océanie et les peuples qui l'habitent.

Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Official Publications / Amtliche Publikationen

Pacific Island Government Internet Resources, National Library of Australia

Pacific Islands Legal Information Databases, Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute, University of the South Pacific, School of Law

ILO Country Profiles, Links concerning Ratification, Legislation and Labour Law

Fiji Government Information

Samoa, Parliament and Legislation

Samoa, Government

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Archives (University of Hawai'i) - index to documents on microfilm, photographs and other material from the records of the former Trust Territory Government (Micronesia)

News / Nachrichten

Pacific Islands News And Information Links

Pacific Islands Report. A News Service, a nonprofit news service of the Pacific Islands Development Program/East-West Center in Honululu

CocoNET Wireless, Pacific Islands News and Information

Oceania Newspapers and News Media Guide

Newspapers & Media of the Pacific Islands

Thanks to Bernhard Welsch for a lot of interesting links.

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