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Guest library card

Short-term guests of the Goethe University - eg. visiting academics, participants at Summer Schools and others - can apply for a temporary guest library card.

The guest library card enables:

  • you to use the electronic resources of the University Library on site
  • have internet access at the computers of the libraries
  • use of copying facilities, to do printing and scanning - if you have preloaded the card with money
  • use of lockers at various library sites.

Books and media can be used in the rooms of the libraries on site.

To apply for your guest library card you need:

  • a document (letter of invitation or confirmation of participation) of an institution of the Goethe University, which indicates the duration of your stay,
  • a passport or personal identity card.

Please apply for your guest user card via the online form and then go to the Information at the Central Library, Bockenheimer Landstr. 134-138 to pick it up.

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