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Library password

Library card number

The library card number is on the card directly under your name. It is a 12 digit number and begins with 30... (write without blanks).

How is my library password set?

If you have not been given another password then your password is by default :your date of birth in the form of DDMMYY, e.g. 12th May 1998: 120598 Please change your password on first login.

Library card number and password are not identical with the Internet login authorization which you have been given by the University's computer centre (HRZ account).

Forgotten library password?

You can't remember your password (anymore?). You can apply for a new password or reset your password:

  1. In person at the Registrations Desk of the Central Library, Bockenheimer Landstraße during opening times ( don't forget to bring your personal identity card with you!).
  2. Students and employees of the Goethe -University can re-set their library passwords via their HRZ accounts:
    * Students use:
    * Employees use:
  3. If you have given a valid E-mail address in your account or in your user data, you can also retrieve your password by e-mail:
    retrieve new password

Change library password

You can change your password at any time!

  1. Go to search portal > Your account > Preferences > Change password
  2. Go to: user data > password in the online catalogue

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