Digital Collections

Digital Judaica Collections of the University Library Frankfurt am Main

For more than 20 years the University Library Frankfurt am Main has been digitizing holdings form its Hebraica and Judaica division, in part in close collaboration with partner institutions in Germany and beyond. The Digital Judaica Collections are part of the largest library collection of its kind in Germany.

  • Compact Memory - Virtual collection of historical Jewish periodicals, more than 300 titles, approx. 1750-1950
  • Freimann Collection - Reconstruction of the historical Judaica collection based on the classical cataloge of Aron Freimann. More than 10,000 titles, a comprehensive collection of literature of modern Jewish scholarship (Wissenschaft des Judentums)
  • Hebrew Manuscripts - More than 400 manuscripts and handwriting fragments of rabbincal literature and research, 13th-17th centuries
  • Hebrew incunabula - 72 significant works
  • Yiddish Literature - approx. 800 publications in Yiddish, 16th-20th centuries
  • Judaica Frankfurt - approx. 2,000 Judaica and Hebraica publications, 13th-20th Century
  • Rothschild-Collection - Newspaper clippings on Rothschild Family

German National Library

National Library of Israel

  • Historical Jewish Press - Digital collection of Jewish and Israeli newspapers and periodicals
  • The Photohouse - A unique photo collection by photograph Rudi Weissenstein
  • Ktiv - International Collection of digitialized Hebrew manuscripts
  • Ketubot - Collection of more than 4,200 Ketubot (Jewish marriage contract)
  • Eran Laor Cartographic Collection - Virtual maps collections including historical maps of Jerusalem, the Holy Land and world maps
  • Time Travel - Collection of Israeli ephemera
  • Photo Collection - Historical visual collection that documents the history of Israel and Palestine

Leo Baeck Institute New York | Berlin

  • DigiBaeck - The digital collection of Leo Baeck Institute includes numorous historical sources on German-Jewish culture and history: Archival material, Memoirs, manuscripts, art objects, journals, photos and audio recordings.
  • Periodicals - More than 1,600 historical and modern journals on a range of topics on German Speaking Jewry
  • Photograph Collection - Over 25,000 photos documenting German-Jewish communities, Families and cultural life

Other Digital Collections