7th Frankfurt Scientific Symposium
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Integration of Information Services into University Infrastructures

7th Frankfurt Scientific Symposium: 12.10.2007 - 13.10.2007


Kurt de Belder, University Librarian, Leiden University, The Netherlands

de Belder Kurt De Belder is since 2005 University Librarian at Leiden University, the oldest university in the Netherlands founded in 1575. Kurt's responsibilities include university-wide strategic planning and policy making in the area of scientific information provision and the integral management of the University Library. Previously he worked at Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, New York University and the Universiteit van Amsterdam. His main areas of expertise are digital libraries, scholarly communication, e-publishing and e-learning.

Kurt has served on a variety of professional committees in the United States and the Netherlands. Now he is a member of the Executive Committee of UKB -the Dutch Association of University Libraries and the National Library- the Governing Board of the Society for Dutch Literature and was appointed by the Dutch Language Union to SABIDO.

Kurt studied Germanic Philology at the Free University Brussels, Comparative Literature and Library & Information Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Lars Björnshauge, Director of Libraries, Lund University

Björnshauge Educational background: masters degree in Public Administration, Roskilde University, Denmark.
Since 2001: Director of Libraries at Lund University, Sweden.
6 years of experience as professor,senior lecturer and consultant in management, organization, economics, human resources and knowledge management at the Royal Danish School of Librarianship, Copenhagen.
Major achievements: in the nineties the internationally well-known re-engineering of DTV based on the implementation of electronic library services. DTV was the first academic library going for electronic-only journals.
Achievements in Lund: managing the development of advanced digital library services.
Current focus: scholarly communication and Open Access.
Currently Vice President of the Swedish Library Association.

Arndt Bode, Vice President Technische Universität München

Bode Born 1948, studies in informatics (Dipl. Inform. and Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Karlsruhe/Germany, Dr.-Ing. habil. at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg/Germany, topics: eLearning and computer architecture. Since 1987 Professor at TU München, since 1999 Vice President and CIO of TU München. Author of more than 200 publications on IT infrastructures for universities, eLearning, computer architecture, distributed and parallel computing and applications.

Ruth Maria Bousonville, Advocate, Lovells, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Ruth Maria Bousonville specializes in contentious and non-contentious intellectual property and information technology law. She advises clients from various business sectors on copyright, data bases, data protection, sales and marketing. In these fields of law, she litigates disputes and drafts and negotiates contracts such as licence or software development agreements. Ruth Maria Bousonville is counsel for »subito. Dokumente aus Bibliotheken e.V.« in a multi-national copyright dispute regarding document deliveries. As such, she is familiar with the possibilities and challenges the information age has brought to the scientific community and the publishers and libraries serving it.

Graham Bulpitt, Director of Information Services at Kingston University, London

BulpittGraham is Director of Information Services at Kingston University in south-west London where he is responsible for library, computing and multimedia services. Part of his brief is to work on the development of the learning infrastructure as part of a major University estates project.

He formerly worked at Sheffield Hallam University where he was responsible for establishing the Learning Centre. This department integrated library, computing and media production provision as well as the University's Learning and Teaching Institute. The city campus operation is housed in the Adsetts Centre, an ambitious new building which opened in 1996.

Graham is a regular contributor to international conferences and carries out consultancy work, particularly on the development of academic support services, staffing matters and library buildings. He is a member of the JISC Journals Working Group, PALS (Publisher and Library/Learning Solutions), and the editorial boards of the New review of libraries and lifelong learning and the New review of academic librarianship.

Andreas Degkwitz, Librarian and the Chief-Information-Officer of the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus

DegwitzDr. Andreas Degkwitz (born 1956 in Frankfurt/Main) is the Librarian and the Chief-Information-Officer of the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus since 2004. The university combined the central services for information, communication and media on a common management and integrated the suppliers for these services to the integrated institution Information-, Communication- and Media-Center (ICMC). In his former position (1998 - 2004) he was the deputy-director and the head of the computer-department of the library of Potsdam University. Another focus was a research project about the market for scientific information and the future role of its players (authors, editors, publisher, libraries, users etc.) will have in digital times. From 1991 to 1998 he worked as a junior consultant for library affairs at the German Research Society (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).
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Berndt Dugall, Director of the University Library, Frankfurt am Main

DugallBerndt Dugall is the director of the University Library in Frankfurt am Main (formerly the Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek). After attaining his diploma in chemistry he continued his studies to qualify in the profession as an academic librarian. After working at the Senckenberg Library in Frankfurt, then as deputy head librarian in Marburg, he took up the position as director at the University Library in Giessen before moving to the Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main. Since 1989 he has been a standing member of the Wissenschaftsrat's library commission and since 2004 he has been a member of the OCLC Member Council. He is lecturer at the University of Frankfurt. Currently he is working on a project financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft titled "Scholarly information supply and alternative price formation mechanisms(WIAP)".

Kenneth Frazier, Library Systems, Madison, Wisconsin

Frazier Kenneth Frazier is currently serving as the Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. When this temporary assignment is completed in late 2007 he will return to his responsibilities as the University Librarian and Director of Libraries, a position that he has held at UW since 1992. He received his master's degree in librarianship from the University of Denver and a degree in philosophy from the University of Kansas. He is the past-president of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). He is also the founder and a former Chair of SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), which has grown since 1997 to become an international movement dedicated to advancing the dissemination of knowledge by encouraging and promoting new models of scholarly communication. As Wisconsin's CIO he has continue to advocate for university leadership in developing open-access publishing. In July 2000, he was the recipient of the Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award for his leadership and risk-taking in the development of new approaches to the scholarly communications crisis. He is the founder of Parallel Press, a University-based publisher of scholarly works and poetry in open-access digital format with paper copies available for purchase on demand.
» http://parallelpress.library.wisc.edu/

Jeff Garrett, Assistant University Librarian for Collection Management at Northwestern University Library

His research interests include German library history and international children's literature.
From 2003 to 2006 Garrett served as the chair of the AAU-ARL German–North American Resources Partnership and as president of the Hans Christian Andersen awards jury of the International Board on Books for Young People (Basel, Switzerland). He is past chair of the Western European Studies Section (WESS) of the Association of College & Research Libraries and a fellow of the Alice Berline Kaplan Center for the Humanities at Northwestern. Among his academic honors are a Regents Fellowship from the University of California, a Bavarian State Scholarship from the University of Munich, and a Martinus Nijhoff International Study Grant.

Wendy Pradt Lougee, University Librarian, McKnight Presidential Professor, University of Minnesota

Lougee Wendy Pradt Lougee is University Librarian and McKnight Presidential Professor at the University of Minnesota, a position she has held since 2002. Well known for her pioneering contributions to the design and development of digital libraries, Lougee is a frequent speaker and consultant on issues associated with publishing, digital content and tools, and the economics of information. She has been recognized by the Association of College and Research Libraries with the Hugh Atkinson Award for innovation. She currently serves on the boards of the Council of Library and Information Resources, the Digital Library Federation, the Research Libraries Group Program Council, and chairs the Association of Research Libraries' Task Force on E-Science. Lougee holds graduate degrees from the Universities of Wisconsin (library science) and Minnesota (psychology).

Ronald Milne, Director of Scholarship and Collections at the British Library, London

Milne Director of Scholarship and Collections at the British Library since February 2007, Ronald Milne has had a regular career in research libraries in the UK. He has worked at the University of London (on the staff of the Library Resources Co-ordinating Committee), Glasgow University, Trinity College Cambridge, King's College London and the University of Oxford, where he was Deputy (subsequently Acting) Director of University Library Services. Prior to taking up the Oxford post, Ronald was based at the University of Edinburgh, where he was Director of the Research Support Libraries Programme, a £30M initiative funded by the UK's Higher Education Funding Councils. Ronald has been a member of the Board of the Consortium of Research Libraries in the British Isles and is Chair of the UK's National Preservation Office Board and of the Digital Preservation Coalition.

Gerhard Schneider, Director of the IT Centre of Freiburg University

SchneiderGerhard Schneider, born 1955, read Mathematics at Erlangen and Oxford University, PhD from Essen University, Further stations of his life include Sydney University, IBM Watson Research, ETH Zürich, Virginia Tech, Karlsruhe and Göttingen (director of GWDG)
Since 2002 he is Director of the IT Centre of Freiburg University and Professor for communication systems and since 2003 Vicepresident for IT and technology transfer. He has served on various DFG committees, including the DFG library commission. His current focus is on integrating administrative processes in the University, especially working identity and rights management systems and on pushing the University's eLearning strategy.

Horst Stöcker, Vizepräsident der Universität Frankfurt

StöckerHorst Stöcker is Vice President of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. Since 2004 has been appointed the Judah M. Eisenberg-Chair, Professor Laureatus of Theoretical Physics, he is director of FIAS - the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and director of the Frankfurt International graduate School of Sciences at the Johan Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main. Amongst other awards and memberships he is on the Senior Advisory Board of the Institute of Physics (London).
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John Unsworth, Assistant Dean for Publications and Communications, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois

UnsworthIn 2003, John Unsworth was named Dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with appointments as Professor in GSLIS, in the department of English, and on the Library faculty. During the previous ten years, from 1993-2003, he served as the first Director of the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, and a faculty member in the English Department, at the University of Virginia. For his work at IATH, he received the 2005 Richard W. Lyman Award from the National Humanities Center. He co-chaired the national commission that produced Our Cultural Commonwealth, the 2006 report on Cyberinfrastructure for Humanities and Social Science, on behalf of the American Council of Learned Societies, and he has supervised research projects across the disciplines in the humanities. He has also published widely on the topic of electronic scholarship, as well as co-directing one of nine national partnerships in the Library of Congress's National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program, and securing grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the Getty Grant Program, IBM, Sun, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and others.

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