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WLAN at the University of Frankfurt

Who is authorized to use the University's WLAN?

  • Anyone who has an account at the University's computer centre
  • Members of universities which participate in DFN roaming or eduroam
Almost all German universities and many European universities participate in DFN roaming.
More information

Software and configuration

The computer centre provides three types of access to WLAN at the University:

  1. eduroam:
    eduroam (Education Roaming) is recommended by the IT department to access the Goethe University of Frankfurt's WLAN. Members of other universities can use the WLAN of the University Frankfurt via the eduroam too.

    Important information for members of other universities

    You have to use the identification / constellation installed by default via your own organization eg.

    Members of the TU Darmstadt: <TU-ID>@tu-darmstadt.de
    Members of the University of Mainz: username@uni-mainz.de
    Students of the University of Marburg: username@students.uni-marburg.de

    If you have any problems please get in contact with the IT department at your own University.

    for this type of access you don't have to use any additional software, it functions via your browser. This WLAN connection is, however,not secure.
    for this type of access you need an 802.1 compatible computer.

Advice and Help

Campus Westend
IG-Farben-Haus, EG, Raum 301
Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 069/ 798-32890 /32936

Campus Riedberg
Max von Laue Strasse 1
Physik-Gebäude, 1. Stock, Bauteil 1
60438 Frankfurt

E-Mail: wlan-fragen@rz.uni-frankfurt.de

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