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Library Card

For the library system at the Goethe University your student's card - the Goethe Card - also functions as your library card!

Students and employees at the Goethe University in Frankfurt
Students do not have to apply for a library card as their GoetheCard functions as one.
Employees at the Goethe University use their university identity card Goethe-Cardplus as a library card.

Other users
Students of other universities and other users can apply for a library card online and pick it up at the registration desk in the Central Library on the Bockenheimer Landstraße.
Opening hours registration desk

More information on library cards
Online application for library card

Library Card for Institutions
Application for a Library Card for Institutions can be made at the registration desk in the Central Library.

Any questions?
Send a mail to chipkarte@ub.uni-frankfurt.de
or call 069/ 798-39300

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Library card


Information desk
Tel: 069/ 798-39205

Loans desk
Tel: 069/ 798-39300
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