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Book suggestion

You can't find the book you are looking for?

Please use this form to suggest works, which you deem important or you need urgently.

  • Please check in the catalogue beforehand, whether the desired title is not already available and please give exact details and information.
  • Please fill in all the details marked with an * so that your suggestion can be processed.

*To which library should your suggestion be directed?
*To which subject does your suggestion belong?

Your suggestion:

*Name of author:
First name of author:
Place of publication:
*Year of publication:
if possible, please provide as e-book

Please fill in your details:

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Please note:
If you need the title urgently for your studies we can inform you immediately when the book is ready for pick up or whether your suggestion cannot be processed.
We require for this service a valid E-mail address without which you will receive no notification.

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