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Biology - Collection Profile

The well reputed "Senckenbergische Bibliothek" ("Senckenbergian Library") is the foundation of the collection, which consists of excellent holdings of historical and modern literature on the entire spectrum of biological science. Its width and depth are singular in Germany.

The collection is constantly being expanded. In addition to the acquisitions purchased by the University Library, large amounts of material are received via the long-established exchange activities of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung. The literature is made available in print and electronic format.



In order to increase the visibility of the Biology Collection, the Virtual Library vifabio was established, co-funded by the DFG. Since 2007, catalogue data, selected Web resources, journals, databases, and full-text documents for biologists are brought together in one virtual location – in vifabio.

German Botanical Journals

During a project for the digitisation of German botanical journals from the years 1753 through 1914 (co-funded by the DFG and completed in 2013) more than 1,400 volumes have been made available online.

Specialised Information Service Biodiversity Research

Since 2017 the enlargement of the collection and the development of new services have been co-funded by the DFG in the framework of a "Specialised Information Service Biodiversity Research" (in German: "Fachinformationsdienst Biodiversitätsforschung"). Further digitisations combined with development of text-mining tools are key elements of the project, with the aim of building a bridge between historical holdings and modern biodiversity research.


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