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General Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics

Special Subject Collection Linguistics 7.11 of the German Research Society

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General information

The Special Subject Collection (Sondersammelgebiet, SSG) Linguistics acquires as comprehensively as possible publications on general linguistics and related areas.

Annual growth
Approx. 1900 monographs and collective works. Journals on subscription: more than 600

We acquire from all over the world publications on general linguistics and related areas written in European languages.

We offer publications of our own in exchange for publications that are not available on the book market.

Non-conventional literature
In addition to conventional literature, we also collect difficult-to-acquire research papers and other publications of provisory or documentary character, such as preprints, work-in-progress-reports etc.

We catalogue and classify all publications acquired, we provide in-depth-classification not only of monographs but also of articles from journals and collective works.

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Collection principle

The Special Subject Collection Linguistics acquires as comprehensively as possible publications in general linguistics and related areas. Publications are acquired regardless of the country of origin, the type of publication (i.e. monographs and periodicals, conference proceedings, Festschriften, and other collective works) and of their physical form (print, micro, or electronic), with the sole restriction that they are written in European languages. The collection covers:

applied linguistics · artificial intelligence (narrow selection) · bilingualism · child language · cognitive linguistics (selection) · colloquial language · computer linguistics (selection) · dialectology · history of language · idiomatics · language acquisition · language change · language norm · language pathology (selection) · language planning · language teaching (narrow selection) · lexicology · linguistic logic · mathematical linguistics · morphology · neurolinguistics · onomastics · philosophy of language · phonetics · phonology · pragmalinguistics · psycholinguistics · rhetoric · semantics · semiotics · sign language · sociolinguistics · syntax · textlinguistics · theory of grammar · theory of language · theory of translation

Also included are:

  • Indo-Euroean studies
  • Indo-European languages that are not part of Special Subject Collections of other libraries
  • Gipsy languages
  • Publications dealing with linguistic phenomena of more than two languages, i.e. publications that would require more than two Special Subject Collection Libraries to cover their content, e.g. "Syntactic change in English (SSG English language and literature), French (SSG French language and literature), and Spanish" (SSG Spain, Portugal)

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Catalogues, Information services

All the library's holdings in linguistics are recorded in the library's general catalogues. All journals can be found in the online-catalogue OPAC and in the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB = periodicals database online).

Lists of the library's recent acquisitions in linguistics are compiled monthly. Title entries are linked to the online-catalogue OPAC for direct orders.

The Special Subject Collection Linguistics compiles and edits

  • Bibliography of Linguistic Literature / Bibliographie Linguistischer Literatur (BLL)
    Bibliography of General Linguistics and of English, German and Romance Linguistics. Bibliographie zur Allgemeinen Linguistik und zur anglistischen, germanistischen und romanistischen Linguistik
    1.1971/75 (1976) - 39.2013 (2015)

    Bilingual bibliography of linguistics that also covers related areas. The bibliography lists monographs, dissertations, articles from periodicals, reviews (selection), Festschriften and other collective works, contributions to conferences, unpublished research papers, etc. Some 900 journals are screened. The BLL is always published in fall, lists the previous year's work plus supplementary material, ca. 10,000 titles p.a.
    Publisher: Vittorio Klostermann GmbH Frankfurt
  • Bibliography of Linguistic Literature DataBase / Bibliographie Linguistischer Literatur Datenbank (BLLDB)

    Online-Version of the printed bibliography
    Years of coverage: from 1971 to the present
    Updating: quarterly
    Annual growth: ca. 10,000
    File size: about 445,000 entries as of 2014

    Host and supplier of the database: semantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH, Aachen
    Access to BLLDB (subscribers only, e.g. University Library Frankfurt): » http://www.blldb-online.de

  • My Current Contents Linguistics (myCCL)

    Information service free of charge: You sign up for journals of your choice from a list containing more than 300 linguistic journals. We will then e-mail you the current tables of contents of those journals you selected.
    myCCL, an extension of the free database Online Contents Linguistik, is a digital substitute for the former print edition of Current Contents Linguistik.
    » more information

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Linguistics Repository

The Linguistics Repository is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The aim is to make freely available electronic publications enduringly accessible online and to assure their digital preservation. Each document in the repository is given a unique, persistent web address which can be cited permanently (uniform resource name, URN). Authors are free to opt for first publishing or crossposting - archiving comes along with both. The service of the Linguistics Repository is at no charge for authors or readers. The documents are to be found easily in the internet and are freely accessible to all users under the terms of Open Access.

Linguistics Repository.

Beyond the repository the documents are indexed in the online catalogue of the university library, in the regional union catalogue HeBIS, and amongst others by the search engine BASE.

Deposit Agreement

Advice for users

Most of the library's holdings are kept in closed stacks rather than being directly accessible and have to be ordered a few days in advance.

External users are advised to inquire by post, fax or e-mail whether the books they need are available or to contact the Special Subject Collection specialists (Tel.:+49 +69 798-39 235) or the Info desk (Tel.: +49 +69 798-39 205).

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