Alexander Mitscherlich: Biographical data
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Alexander Mitscherlich: Biographical data

1908 Alexander Mitscherlich is born in Munich on 20th September.
1928-1932 Studies history, history of art and philosophy at the university of Munich.
1933 After his first imprisonment he moves to Berlin and opens a bookshop there which is closed by the SA in 1935. At the same time he starts to study medicine.

Mitscherlich marries Melitta Behr.
1935 Mitscherlich is wanted by the police for his involvement in the resistance and emigrates to Switzerland. He continues with his medical studies in Zürich.
1937 On a trip to Germany he is arrested by the Gestapo and is imprisoned in Nürnberg for eight months.
1938 Mitscherlich marries Georgia Wiedemann.
1939 Finishes his medical studies in Heidelberg and obtains the state examination.
1941 Works on his PhD under the supervision of Victor von Weizsäcker; the theme is ”Zur Wesenbestimmung der synästhetischen Wahrnehmung”. Afterwards works as neurologist at the University of Heidelberg.
1945 Mitscherlich supervises the Health Centre in initially the American occupied zone ”Saar, Pfalz,Rheinhessen” in early summer . When the sector is handed over to the French he gives up his office.
1946 Mitscherlich finishes his habilitation with the work ”Vom Ursprung der Sucht” and works at the medical polyclinic in Zürich until 1949.

Observer at the Nürnberg Trials against NS doctors
from 1947 Editor of the journal ”Psyche”
1949 Founds the department for psychosomatic medicine at the Universtiy of Heidelberg which is soon developed into its own clinic.
1952 Alexander Mitscherlich becomes unscheduled professor of psychosomatic medicine at the University of Heidelberg.
1955 He marries Margarete Nielsen, doctor and psychoanalyst.
1960-1976 Mitscherlich founds the Sigmund-Freud-Institut in Frankfurt, and stays director until his retirement. He becomes more engaged as a critic of the federal German post war society.
1966-1973 Professor for Psychology at the University of Frankfurt am Main
1969 Alexander Mitscherlich is presented with the Peace Prize of the Deutschen Buchhandel.
1972 Is awarded the Golden Wilhelm-Bölsche-Medal.  
1973 Awarded the Kulturpreis of the City of Munich and the Wilhelm –Leuschner Medal.
1976 Mitscherlich rejects the honorary citizenship of the City of Frankfurt am Main because the president of the Industrie und Handelskammer, Fritz Dietz, is to be awarded this at the same time.
1982 Alexander Mitscherlich dies on 26th June in Frankfurt am Main.

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