Friedrich Pollock: biographical data
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Friedrich Pollock: biographical data

1894   Friedrich Pollock was born on 22nd May. His father was a factory owner in Freibug in Br.
1911-1915   Commercial apprenticeship . Beginning of a life-long friendship with Max Horkheimer
1923   After studying economy, sociology and philosophy in Munich, Freiburg i.Br. and Frankfurt a.M. he obtained his Ph.D. in Frankfurt on Marx's theory of money.

Participates in founding the Institut für Sozialforschung in Frankfurt am Main.
1924   Along with Felix Weill he becomes the manager of the Marx-Engels-Archivgesellschaft mbH to promote the Marx-Engels-Gesamtausabe (MEGA)
1927/28   Travels to the Soviet Union to participate n the celebrations of the October Revolution. A piece of work develops from this trip: Die planwirtschaflliche Versuche in der Sowjetunion 1917-1927 with which he qualifies as a university lecturer.
1928   Becomes a private university lecturer at Frankfurt am Main
1928-1930   Pollock steps in for the director of the Institut für Sozialforschung Grünberg, who falls ill.
1929   Pollocks habilitation thesis appears as the second volume of the series of the Institut für Sozialforschung
1930   The first branch of the Institute abroad is founded in London.
1933   Emigration. Along with Horkhemer he moves to Genf, Paris and then New York.
1933-1949   Seminar leader and managing director in the Institute for Social Research in New York
1950   Pollock returns to Frankfurt am Main and works there in the re-established the Institute for Social Research
1951-1958   The University of Frankfurt offers Pollock the chair of an unscheduled professor for national economy and sociology and seven years later he becomes a scheduled professor
1959   Moves to Montagnola, Tessin  with Horkheimer
1963   Emeritus professor
1970   Polock dies in Montagnola

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