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Linguistics - User's Guide

Interlibrary loans, Document delivery, Copy ordering

You can, of course, order the lendable publications on linguistics in your local library by means of the interlibrary loan system or through a document delivery service such as Subito .

On-Site Use

The Linguistics Collection is located in the Central Library at the Bockenheimer Warte.
Directions for Finding Us

There is a reading room Humanities as well as an open stack area including reference books and journal stocks. Since 2014, the books in the reading room have been arranged according to the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) = "Regensburg library classification scheme". Before that, the shelving was based on a local classification scheme.
Overview of the Classification Scheme

A large part of the library's holdings is stored in the closed stack and has to be ordered online at least one day in advance.

Historic and valuable collections are non-circulating and available only in the reading room of the Central Library. In some cases, identity verification may be required.

Non-local users are advised to request information about the books in advance, or to contact the Info desk or the reading room Humanities.
More information on the use of the library

Circulating books stacked at the Central Library (Campus Bockenheim) can also be borrowed at the loan desk of the Humanities Library (Campus Westend, IG Farbenhaus Q6). Loan periods and renewal conditions are identical with those of the Central Library.
More Information


Online tutorials on the Frankfurt Portal providing information about, for example, registration or interlibrary lending can be found on the homepage of the University Library.
Tutorials on the Frankfurt Portal

Tutorial introductions to the Lin|gu|is|tik portal are also available and accessible via the homepage of the portal. They offer an overview of the portal as a whole, an introduction to specific search functionalities, and a tutorial featuring the portal's Journal directory. For the time being, the tutorials are available only in German. Texts and handling of the portal's website are availabe however both in English and German.

Lin|gu|is|tik - Portal für Sprachwissenschaft. Teil 1: Einführung
Lin|gu|is|tik - Portal für Sprachwissenschaft. Teil 2: Das Kataloge-Modul
Lin|gu|is|tik - Portal für Sprachwissenschaft. Teil 3: Das Zeitschriften-Verzeichnis

Tutorial Introductions to the Lin|gu|is|tik Portal

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Heike Renner-Westermann
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Vanya Dimitrova
Fachinformationsdienst Linguistik
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