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Bibliothek Naturwissenschaften (BNat)

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The BNat is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Otto-Stern-Zentrum.
2nd floor:

  • lockers (outside the library)
  • loan and information desk, self-service checkout
  • textbook collection + monographs
  • computers
  • copy machines

3rd floor:

  • journals
  • group rooms

Library card, registration

Your Goethe Card is your library card. No registration is required for using the collection in the library.
For students from other universities and non-student users a library card will be issued free of charge at the registration desk of the Central Library in Bockenheim. An e-mail address is required in order to be notified about the arrival of items requested or reserved.

Loans, returns and loans account

All books of the library are in open access and can be taken directly from the shelves. To check out items you can use the self-service checkout or go to the loans desk with your items. Please note: To check out books for the whole semester (see 'textbook collection') or to pick up books you ordered or reserved, please go to the loans desk (see 'opening hours').

Items can be returned at the loans desk or at the self-service check-in (located outside the library). Please note: Items you ordered from the Central Library or via interlibrary loan must be returned at the loans desk!

Books & Loan

The books are located on the 2nd floor. They are sub-divided into two sections:
1. Textbook collection

  • shelf numbers begin with "LB:"
  • loan period: 4 weeks (exception: students of the Goethe University can borrow books which have shelf numbers on green labels until the end of the current semester)
  • no renewal and no reservation is possible

Books from our textbook collection can only be loaned to members of Goethe-University.

2. Monographs

  • shelf numbers begin with "09/"
  • loan period: 4 weeks (exception: books with the yellow label "nicht ausleihbar" are non-circulation)
  • loan period: can be renewed online five times for a further four weeks, provided it has not been reserved by another user. For further renewals, you need to go to the loan desk in person with your Goethe Card/library card and the books.
  • Items currently on loan can usually be reserved online. As soon as the desired item is available, you will be notified via e-mail.


Journals are located on the 3rd floor. They are shelved in alphabetical order of the journal title. All Journals are publicly accessible, but not available for lending.

Ordering books from other libraries

Stocks from the Central Library in Bockenheim: A large part of the holdings of the Central Library in Bockenheim can be ordered for pick up at BNat. Therefore click on »request« and choose the counter »Natural Sciences Library«. Delivery time is about 2 days; you will be notified by e-mail when your books are ready to pick up.

Interlibrary loan: Books which are not available in Frankfurt's libraries can be ordered (with costs) from other libraries and picked up in the BNat.

Library account online

We recommend checking your library account regularly. To log in to your account please choose "Ihr Konto" on the library's website and enter your user number and password and click "login". You can see the items you have taken out, their expiry date and the extensions you have made. You can look at your reservations and cancel them, as well as check the fees and fines you have (if you have any!). You can also change your password and check or change your e-mail address.


For overdue items reminders are sent via e-mail or mail and fines are charged as follows:
- 1st reminder:    Euro 3.00 per item
- 2nd reminder:    Euro 3.00 per item
- 3rd reminder:    Euro 6.00 per item
The fine is charged as soon as the reminder is issued and is not dependent on when or if you receive it.

E-Books, E-Journals, Databases

All electronic resources can be found on the library's website or in the online catalogue. To access the e-resources from a computer outside the campus, please use the "Login"-Button on the library's website (only possible for members of the Goethe University).

Reading seats, group rooms

More than 300 seats in the reading room (for silent working) and 10 group rooms are available. Please note that access to our group rooms is only possible for members of Goethe University, registered users of the university library or students from other universities.

If you would like to use a data projector inside our group rooms you can borrow one at the reception next to the entrance of Otto-Stern-Zentrum.

Computers, Catalogues, Internet

14 research PCs are located inside the library: A guest account is available to search the holdings (print and online) of the BNat and other facilities of the University library in the online catalogue or the search portal.
For more information, see literature search.
For internet access and access to the e-resources please log in with the number on your Goethe Card and your password.
A PC-Pool for students and staff of the Goethe University, which is administrated by the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ), is situated outside the library.
WLAN is available everywhere in the Otto-Stern-Zentrum.

Copy machines/Printers

Two copy-machines/printers (b/w and color) are situated on the 2nd floor. The Goethe Card/library card simultaneously is your copy card.


Before you enter the library, please leave your outer garments, bags, food and drinks (only water in clear-transparent bottles is allowed in the reading room) in a locker.
Lockers are situated outside the library. To open and close the lockers your Goethe Card/library card or a PIN-code is needed.
Please remove all your belongings from the locker when you leave and at the latest when the building closes.
The library assumes no liability for loss or theft.

Contact: bnat[at]

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