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Research Data Management Workshops

EnglishResearch Data Management Workshops and hands-on-tutorials on the following topics are available on request. Please feel free to ask via forschungsdaten[at]

Key aspects for individually prepared workshops:

  1. Introduction on Research Data Management (RDM): Understand the importance of research data management.
  2. Good Scientific Practice: Learn how science works and what requirements constitute Good Scientific practice (focus on data management, DFG guidelines).
  3. Data, Information, Knowledge - Be FAIR & CARE: Develop a shared understanding of the most important terms with regard to data.
  4. Data Backup: Learn potential hazards to data, backup plans to be prepared, best practices to save data and selection of storage media.
  5. Data Archiving: Learn principles of archiving research data. Understand the challenges and ways to meet these.
  6. Organizing Data; Documentation + Metadata: Understand the need to document research. Get to know disciplinary best practices (example: lab notebook). Get to know metadata standards that can be used to annotate research data.
  7. Sharing and Publishing Data; Copyright Law and Licenses: Learn where and how data can be published. Understand the FAIR principles for data publication. Get an overview of copyright law and who owns the data. Get to know Open Licenses.
  8. Finding and Re-Using Data: Learn how to locate data repositories and find datasets for re-use.
  9. Sensitive Data and Privacy Protection: Learn about legal requirements to protect personal data and how to ensure privacy protection.
  10. Data Management Services at Goethe-University: Get an overview of services and tools for research data management that Goethe-University offers its members.


Webtool: Goethe-RDMO - How to create a Data Management Plan:

  • Learn about the requirements of a data management plan.
  • Analyse sample plans.
  • Test a DMP online tool.

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