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Music and Theatre - Collection, Projects

The Department of Music and Theatre provides scholars, students and any other users interested in these topics access to current books and periodicals.
In addition, it maintains unique historical special collections and has catalogued private collections left to it by important figures from the music and theatre world in Frankfurt.
The collections of music and theatre-related items are among the most comprehensive research libraries on this topic in Germany.


The SIS Performing Arts

The acquisition of additional items related to the field is a significant part of the SIS Performing Art's work; it is funded by the German Research Foundation. In close collaboration with theatre and dance scholars, the envisaged work has been divided up into modules. The SIS's main task is the technical implementation of a research and reference web portal providing access to the entire spectrum of academic information services operated by libraries, archives and collections.

By linking and creating a network of institutions and organisations in the field, along with their libraries and archives, the SIS Performing Arts is providing a unique service as a coordinator and interface operator. To this end, the SIS has developed and coordinated workshops and conferences and has published handouts documenting the work process. The project's aim is to provide long-term support for fields included under the performing arts umbrella and to allow additional joint projects to emerge from these collaborative efforts.

Friedrich Nicolas Manskopf Portrait Collection

The first major cataloguing project funded by the German Research Foundation which the Department of Music and Theatre took on was the digitalisation of the portrait collection once owned by the Frankfurt wine merchant Friedrich Nicolas Manskopf (1869-1928). This is divided into four parts, two of which are available in digitalised form:

- approximately 12,500 photographs and
- 4,900 graphic works

The approximately 1,000 caricatures included in the collection and the circa 20,000 portrait reproductions from newspapers and magazines were not included in the project.

The portrait subjects include composers, classical musicians, singers, actors, directors, and dancers primarily depicted in individual portraits, but sometimes in groups; in addition, there are photos of stage setups, theatre views, allegorical music and dance performances, and more. The collection of graphic works dates from 1550 to circa 1920, and the photograph collection from the period beginning around 1860 to 1944. This is because it was expanded, even after Manskopf's death, by donations from citizens of Frankfurt.


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