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Open Access Publication Fund

The Open Access Publication Fund of Goethe University supports authors of Goethe-University by covering the article processing charges (APCs) for publications in Open Access journals.
For 2022, an Open Access Book fund is available. Find information on the funding conditions here.

The fund also supports Open Access journal platforms which do not levy author facing charges (aka Platinum/Diamond Open Access) such as the Open Library of Humanities or Scipost.

The fund received generous contributions from the Johanna Quandt Jubilee Fund in 2017 and 2018. From 2018 onwards, the Fund receives funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG) .

An overview of the publications that the Fund has directly supported can be found on the publication server of Goethe University. In addition, the fund participates in the OpenAPC initiative , which aims at making APC payments more transparent.

Funding for articles in Open Access journals

Funding for Open Access books


Jasmin Heuer
Dr. Roland Wagner
Tel. 069/ 798-49107

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Jasmin Heuer
Boram Schröter
Dr. Roland Wagner
Tel. 069/ 798-49107

Plattform für OA-Journals
Dr. Gerwin Kasperek
Tel. 069/ 798-39365

Jakob Jung
Tel. 069/ 798-42625

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